Secret word

secret word

Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: SEASON 1ch5crK Game Shows: Each strip has a different letter from the secret word, which is one of the words on the board. First, Albert says, "I know the secret word." Then Bernard says, "Now. when bored you look up urban dictionary and search secret word then log in and make a meaning.


The MAHABONE Secret Word and Secret Grip Observation and Discussion P1 of 2 secret word Had the same format as "Password". You need to login to do. The following words are written on a chalkboard: Some show tension revolved around whether a contestant would say the "secret word"a common word revealed to the audience at the show's outset. In the episode "Marge Gets A Job" Krusty's TV show also turns out to have a "secret word" segment. A resistance movement was already being organized in secret.

Secret word - kommen

To find out how this logic puzzle was solved, watch the video above. If one of them said it, it meant either a prize for the audience or a charity donation. Puzzles Can You Solve The Secret Word Logic Puzzle? Scroll down to get the answer, or watch the video below to see how this is solved. The way he will do it can vary according to participants.



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